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Pay Per Click (Page 4. Contd)

C) Tools offers some great tools to optimize your campaigns, some of the tools could be accessed within your ad group level. We'll have look at some of the tools.


  - Campaign Optimizer Google analyzes your budget, keywords, ad text, and landing page, and create a customized proposal for your campaigns. You can then review the proposed changes and accept the ones you want to apply.
  - Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword and landing page ideas highly relevant and specific to your website.
  - Site & Category exclusion If your using Google content partners - and want to exclude certain sites or category of site.
  - IP Exclusion If you figure out in your report that clicks from certain IP address are not converting than you can add them here.
  - Ads Diagnostic Tool Helps you to see if your ads are showing up for a particular search at a particular location.
  - Ads Preview Tool See your ad on Google without accruing extra impressions, and preview your ad as it appears to users in other geographic locations.
  - Disapproved Ads -Sometime Google will disapprove your ads, if you fail to comply with Google's editorial guidelines. You need to check here for the reasons.
  - My Change History View the changes made by you in the account. This is helpful if there are multiple people managing the account.

D) Conversion Tracking. For any page you consider a conversion - like checkout page, sign-up of email newsletter or so. You can embed in it a bit of Google supplied JavaScript code that sends a message back to Google AdWords conversion tracker each time the pages loads, noting which ad brought the person to your site.

Google also offers Conversion Optimizer, that uses your Conversion Tracking data to get you more conversions at a lower cost. More information on Conversion Optimizer.

E) Website Optimizer allows you to compare multiple versions of a webpage and statistically determine which version performs the best. You can either test two or more versions of a page (A/B test) or test multiple sections with in a page (Multivariate Testing).

If you are getting traffic but they aren't enough conversions, then give try this tool. Sometimes even small changes like font -image size, page layout and so, may have a significant effect on conversion. Get more info about Website Optimizer.

Final Words

Don't limit your PPC campaign to just one ad. It may not contain the best keywords. Create more ads and see which one works best. Remember AdWords is all about Trial and Error - You should always be monitoring and then optimizing your ads. If one of your ads isn't going as well as you'd like, you make changes to the ad to try and improve it's performance. You should be doing this in the long run - creating new ads all the time and filtering the ones that perform best.

To run an AdWords campaign that makes you money or justifies your investment you need to spend hundreds of hours, honing your ads. And you must be incredibly organized and methodical as you try out hundreds or thousands of different combinations of ad copy, keywords, keyword details, landing page and daily budget.

You have to constantly try and optimize your campaigns. Three main areas to Optimize:
a) Campaigns Organizing your campaigns, Modifying language & location, Editing ad delivery times & position

b) Ad group Editing Keywords, Editing Ad Text, Organizing AdGroups (Tightly themed Adgroups, Changing bids, Using Keyword Matching options

c) Your Website Choosing proper landing page, Editing Website for flow & Relevancy, changing the size of image and fonts on your website. Sometimes small changes can make big difference.

What really worked for me - was having a tightly grouped adgroups - campaigns. The more tightly adgroup, the more are your keywords & ad text relevant. Which improves CTR and QS, Which will lower your min CPC and higher the position of your ads.

Enjoy this game called AdWords.